About Project Air

What is Project Air?

Project Air also plans to add nutritional and potable water components to the services it provides. In particular, it will develop a vitamin-enriched food designed to be furnished to students after yoga classes to replenish calories and supplement nutrition. Project Air students will then be trained in how to produce this food as part of an income-generating program aimed at helping them gain and maintain financial independence. In addition, Project Air will train students in the solar water disinfection method, which will ensure drinkable water for all its yoga classes.

Project Air began in 2007 as an experimental initiative of WE-ACTx,

which was seeking ways to help its HIV patients in Rwanda overcome some of the more intractable effects of trauma. It quickly became clear that WE-ACTx’s yoga experiment had exceeded expectations when key markers of health in the participating women and children began to rebound, and participants reported sleeping through the night for the first time in 15 years after only two yoga classes.

In 2009, Project Air became a not-for-profit organization in its own right, with a mission to work in conflict and post-conflict settings, and help the world’s most vulnerable girls and women mend their minds, as well as bodies, with yoga.