UN Endorses Project Air and Urges Support

GENEVA (PA) - A groundbreaking yoga initiative has won official endorsement from the UN for its work in Rwanda to help women overcome the traumatic effects of rape and sexual violence.

Wilfried Lemke, United Nations Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on Sports, Development and Peace, called Project Air "an extraordinary example of a tool for development and peace-building efforts."

"Introducing yoga as a means of trauma relief and prevention in conflict situations," said Lemke, "a great innovative step has been taken by Project Air. The positive personal developments this project has been able to effect make it an initiative highly deserving of support and respect."

Project Air, which began in 2007, offers free yoga instruction to HIV-positive women and children in Rwanda affected by the 1994 genocide. In 2010, Project AIR will expand its work into Eastern Congo, where warfare has triggered sexual violence said to be the worst in the world.

Read the full letter from the UN here.